Hey, Barbie Called. She’s Redefining Perfect. Are You In?

Have you ever found yourself slowed down or tied up in knots about this sneaky thing called perfection?

You know, that not-so-little voice inside your head always nudging you to make everything 'just right.' Guess who's joining us in redefining perfect – your dear childhood friend, Barbie! In Barbie, The Movie, she's all about embracing her unique self. Now, isn't that refreshing?

Reframing Thoughts and Redefining Perfect in Pop Culture

We can't discuss Barbie without acknowledging the impact she's had on our perception of 'perfect.' With her immaculate looks, endless accessories, and seemingly perfect life, Barbie has inadvertently set a standard many of us have strived to meet.

But what if Barbie isn’t perfect?

In Barbie, The Movie, she's smashing those long-held perceptions and helping us open up a conversation about what it truly means to be 'perfect.' If Barbie, an iconic symbol of 'perfection,' can redefine what it means, surely we can too. Reframing thoughts is important when you want to redefine perfection.

Shattering the Hold of Perfection

Salvador Dali, a man renowned for embracing the strange and unique, once said,

"Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it."

This isn't about giving up; it's about swapping the chase for an impossible dream with a more balanced pursuit: progress. The focus shifts from the seemingly unattainable to redefining perfect through your own individual lens.

I don't know about you, but that lifts a weight off my shoulders!

Why worry over every little detail when you can focus on your progress, and find gratitude in good enough and your bit by bit, day by day progress? Leave the stress of perfection and step into a more freeing and healthy living way of life.

Life Hacks to Redefine Perfection

When redefining perfection, three strategies stand out:

Embrace Mistakes

Oops, made a mistake? That’s okay! That's one more lesson in your life's story. Just think, every superhero had its share of stumbles before saving the day.

Mistakes are an inevitable part of life, and as the saying goes, to err is human. But here's a secret: those mistakes you're so afraid of making? They're the most effective teachers. They help you grow, learn, and move forward. So, don't fear them - embrace them!

Remember when you were learning to ride a bike? You fell - oh boy, did you fall - over and over. But did you give up? No. With scraped knees and bruised egos, you climbed back on, pedaled forward, and before you knew it, you were riding with the wind in your hair and a victorious grin on your face. You made mistakes, but you learned and, eventually, you succeeded.

Practice Self-Compassion

Be your own cheerleader. Treat yourself with the same kindness and understanding you'd extend to a dear friend. Keep in mind that no one is perfect, and we all have our unique struggles and strengths.

Often, you are your own harshest critics, setting impossibly high standards for yourselves and beating yourselves up when you fail to meet them.

Barbie is redefining perfect by being her own biggest cheerleader to support her healthy living lifestyle.

Here's a challenge: next time you're dealing with a setback, treat yourself like you would a son or daughter. Offer understanding, patience, and comfort. Trust me, you deserve self-compassion as much as they do.

Celebrate Progress

Don't wait for a big victory to pat yourself on the back. Celebrate the small steps forward. In fact, I have a nightly ritual of patting myself on the back for things that made me proud of myself before I brush my teeth each night. All your seemingly tiny wins can fuel your motivation and help foster a positive mindset.

Adopting even one of these strategies can shift your perspective in your pursuit of 'perfection.'

Which one will you choose to implement today?

'Perfection equals Motivation' Myth

"But wait," I hear you say, "isn't chasing perfection a good way to keep improving?"

Well, you're not completely off the mark there. But here's the catch: there's a massive difference between a healthy drive for improvement and an unyielding pursuit of perfection.

It's like comparing a relaxed Sunday stroll in the park, taking time to enjoy the fresh air and unexpected sightings, to an exhausting marathon run without a finish line in sight. Which do you think sounds more appealing?

Your New 'Perfect'

Remember, your 'perfect' won't look like anyone else's 'perfect.' It's not about having the perfect body, the perfect job, or the perfect life. It's about accepting yourself as you are, embracing your uniqueness, and continually striving to be the best version of yourself.

You aren't confined to conforming to someone else's mold of perfection. You can, and should, define your own. The journey may not be easy, but it'll be worth it. After all, isn't it more exciting to create your own path than to follow someone else's?

Embrace Your 'Perfect'

In essence, shattering the Barbie mold is about trading society's rigid definition of perfection for a more personalized, flexible one. It's about making peace with your ‘perfect’ self—mistakes, quirks, and all.

So the next time you catch yourself in a tangle with perfection, remember this:

Be kind   Be real   Be you 

Your 'perfect' is not a cookie-cutter ideal. It's as unique, authentic, and beautiful as you are.

Your Turn

How will you redefine perfection to break your Barbie mold? How will you embrace your unique 'perfect'?

Don't be shy, drop us a comment, and let's get this conversation going. After all, it's you who will redefine the next steps of your own journey of self-compassion and healthy living. Get rid of those old ideals of perfect, just like Barbie in her new movie.

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Michelle Johnson Jerome is an expert on busting through perfectionism. She is passionate about helping others live life with purpose and joy. By drawing on her extensive experience as a nutrition coach, personal trainer, and yoga instructor she helps develop a realistic approach to goal setting that allows you to make progress and stop obsessing over mistakes.

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  • Michelle Johnson Jerome says:

    Hi! I’m Michelle, the author of this article.

    Perfection can be a tricky thing.

    In one way it motivates you to learn more, gain new skills, and do your best. It pushes you to give your best. It helps you take responsibility, plan, and take action.

    BUT – it also can hold you back and my favorite phrase when working with clients is when they use the word BUT. Why???? because everything before the BUT is just talk, what comes after the BUT is the heart of the matter.

    So, the BUT with perfectionism – How does it hold you back? How does it keep you from doing things?

    And the Action Question – What if anything do you want to do about it?