Mindset + Flexible Thinking

Barbie is redefining perfect by reframing thoughts around what perfect means in an authentic and genuine way.

Hey, Barbie Called. She’s Redefining Perfect. Are You In?

Challenge the standards of perfection. The Barbie Movie isn’t just a film, it can be a way of redefining perfect, reframing thoughts, and celebrating this new way of healthy living.

Short term health goals are best tracked through personal progress.

The Perks of Tracking Your Personal Progress

Dive into what personal progress looks like in REAL LIFE, the role of intrinsic motivation, and the advantages of tracking what truly matters.

From practicing selfcare to doing small acts of kindness, it all adds up and helps make a positive impact.

How Small Acts of Kindness Create Healthy Habits

Simple, yet effective – small acts of kindness can spark a mindset shift that makes it easier to form healthier habits in the long run. Find out how!

Set limits and boundaries for healthy habits.

How Limits and Boundaries Lead to Healthy Habits

Prioritize healthy habits by mastering the art of setting limits and boundaries.

New Year 2023 will be the no resolutions year. Make it an awesome year to celebrate yourself.

How to Party On and Celebrate Yourself This New Year

Set yourself up for success. Bring clarity and happiness by claiming this year as a no resolutions year. Celebrate yourself by focusing on your uniqueness. Your future is bright.

With realistic expectations in setting goals, it’s much easier to be the person you need to be.

Be the person you need to be: Is setting goals a smart idea?

Goal setting with realistic expectations. A goal is a statement of something you want to achieve. Bring clarity to your desires by meeting yourself where you’re at now so that you can be the person you need to be at present and in the future.

Examples of growth mindset developed through dedication and hard work

Fixed mindset vs growth mindset: 3 Tools to develop a growth mindset

Discover what it means to have a fixed mindset and how you can develop a growth mindset to guide you when life seems tough.

Body Mass index explained - Taking a closer look at the “normal” range of BMI

“Normal” range of BMI – Is Body Mass Index everything?

We live in a world where numbers have a prominent role in our day-to-day life. But is meeting that BMI “healthy range” enough to live a healthy life?

Having company over: How to host people in your home again without being super stressed

What Holds Us Back from Hosting People in Our Homes?

Though hosting can foster healthy social connections, release feel-good hormones, and boost mental health, why is there so much anxiety about having people over? And how can you overcome the angst?

When you are proud of yourself, your energy for life success goes way up

How to be proud of yourself and celebrate your small wins today!

Practicing being proud of yourself can help you stay motivated, and avoid burnout. Here’s 6 ways to celebrate your wins starting today!

The wheel of life exercise can help you align your values with how you are spending your time and energy.

Wheel of Life Assessment – A visual tool to boost satisfaction in your life

Any time you need to assess a part in relation to the greater whole, the wheel of life is a useful tool.

Learn how to build mindful awareness by listening to your body

Listening to Your Body- What Does That Even Mean?

It’s time to talk about body awareness: Every body is different, and everyone experiences their body in different ways. Use this three step process to help you figure out how you feel, how it’s affecting you, and what to do about it.

Changing conversations about lifestyle healthy habits with meaningful goals in life

4 Ways to set meaningful goals in life (and stick with them) with kindness

Are you a person who sets HARD goals in life? If things are going great – don’t bother reading this article. BUT (which is one of my favorite words because it is in the BUTS that change happens) if you notice that your goals are starting to break down your mental wellbeing or are harming your physical health, read on.

Acts of kindness and kindness words have a ripple effect

Kindness (words and acts of kindness) is the Most Beautiful Language

Kind words and acts of kindness boost well-being, and evidence suggests decreases pain, depression, and anxiety, in both giver and receiver!

3 ways to Tame your Inner Critic to find Peace and Contentment

Start to recognize your own inner critic, and begin to engage with it in a more productive way.

Considering the difference between should and could, so you don’t “should” all over yourself.

Could vs Should: A practical mind hack for motivation

“Shoulds” generally imply future events and can be anxiety-provoking. Bring yourself back to the present and focus on what you COULD do right now.

Practice self acceptance to increase your motivation and feel more confident.

7 Really Powerful and Trusted Steps to Practice Self Acceptance

Most of us have at least one moment each day when we look at our email inbox, our medical test results, or our partner and think, “I don’t want to be here.”
It’s easy to mistake this feeling of dissatisfaction for motivation.

Words with happy sun type rays, self talk to think positive, a graphic for an article on using positive thinking to achieve goals.

How to Achieve Your Goals Using Positive Thinking

Positive thinking means tuning into your self-talk and your feelings, getting the best out of them. It does not mean that everything should be shiny and beautiful. A positive goal focuses on what should be done instead of what should not be done.

Numbers with question marks around a scale with words on it stating to be healthier the number isn’t a way to show progress.

How To Be Healthier Without The Scale

I’ve interviewed hundreds of people about their fitness goals and desires. Most people cited “weight loss” as their number one goal, not really surprising at a gym.

What was surprising was the most common answer to my follow-up question.

What is the solution to a messy kitchen? How to make peace with your cluttered kitchen

Make Peace with Your Cluttered Kitchen (and Yourself)

Let’s talk about how your kitchen makes you feel.

When you walk into your kitchen to make dinner do you turn around and walk straight back out again?

how to begin a healthy lifestyle examples in real life

How to begin a healthy lifestyle: Never underestimate curiosity

Learning how to begin a healthy lifestyle starts out with being ready, willing, and able.

Pigeons on ice in water jumping off to try new things. A change in priorities can make it difficult to keeping life's demands in balance.

How to keep a balanced healthstyle (when you have a change in priorities)

Many things can come up in life that instantly creates a change in priorities, but that doesn’t mean your health has to suffer.

What does healthy mean to you? Expanded definition healthy mindset

What Does Healthy Mean?

Emerging schools of thought are looking at the definition of health in a broader, more useful context… Deep Health.