Welcome to Balanced Healthstyles

Social groups and supportive relationships are a key factor in having a Balanced Healthstyle

A healthstyle is about thriving in all aspects of life

Making choices that are aligned with their values, moves a person forward on their health journey to create more than a body transformation... it creates a happier person.

It is the whole you, the good, the bad, and all the daily events that happen to you every day. It includes:

The choices you make

The people in your life

The places you live

The thoughts and feelings you have

Your opinions and beliefs

How much sleep you get

How you see your future

And so much more....

That is why it's called a healthstyle

When you think of your whole life in terms of health, you start to notice how one small change changes your body, changes your relationships, confidence, and trust in your choices, which keeps you always aligning with the real you.

Like the children’s book, If You Give A Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff one choice, builds on the next choice, making each action you take one that moves you closer to your health goals or farther away.

More than a lifestyle, It's a HEALTHstyle

We ❤️ that health looks different to each person who is a part of Balanced Healthstyles

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We embrace choice and self-direction, curiosity, and the need to seek a better understanding.

We DO NOT support - telling people what to do, there are always choices.

We are not about do’s and don’t, rules and “our way or the highway.”

We are about staying curious, being open, and sharing our diverse health and wellness knowledge with you and for you.

What we know for sure, when you join us at Balanced Healthstyles, you will see results

We ❤️ humans.

Our goal is to keep you out of stuck and overwhelm. To do this, we embrace the fact that when people say, “I want to be healthy,” it takes on many meanings.

Have you ever thought,

“Am I doing it right?”

“Do I know enough?”

“It worked for my friend, my co-worker, my loved one; why isn’t it working for me?”

“Why can’t I make it happen?”

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Real Life is Imperfect
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Healthy in real life isn’t following someone else’s plan. You can discover your healthstyle and start enjoying health in a way that works for you.

  • You are a unique individual on your own health journey.
  • You have the power to decide what health means to you.
  • You can trust your choices.
  • You can be proud of yourself.
Be Brave

At Balanced Healthstyles, we believe trusting choices builds confidence, and confidence feels good - it’s powerful, and it moves you closer toward your goals.

We ❤️ feeling good

It’s important to make health doable, to have it fit into your life. Being real about health and fitness allows you to find options that meet your needs.

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Choose More Joy
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A shift will happen because you have found a place that is full of healthy connections and people who want you to succeed.

We pride ourselves on giving you information that will move you forward. We see the big picture. We value individual choice. We acknowledge that people who feel supported make things happen. Nutrition and Movement is a science, yet it is also so much more.

Try New Things
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Balanced Healthstyles is a place to empower yourself with recipes, up-to-date articles, how to’s, life hacks, and so much more. The possibilities are endless as you discover and create your own unique healthstyle.

Meet our coaches who are here to support you and cheer you on! They have worked with 1000’s of unique individuals to discover their best approach to improved health. With so many expert health and wellness coaches providing different styles of health, you get to choose what resonates with you and what will help you create a life and body that brings you joy.

Show Gratitude

When you find what works, celebrate, your balanced healthstyles journey is always here for you.

Be the first to know about news, updates and special offers.

The Founders

We are Happy People

We choose happy.

Voltaire quote Happy Good For Health

We are real humans who have a passion for living healthy in the midst of real life! We’re not always perfect, in fact, we’re almost never perfect, but health isn’t about perfect so it’s okay. What matters is that we feel great and we’re having fun as we grow in our health journey every day.

Michelle Jerome - headshot

Michelle Johnson Jerome

Michelle Johnson Jerome, a yoga instructor since 2008, a personal trainer since 2009, and a master nutrition coach since 2018. She also has several degrees, one in Marketing and one in Advertising with a minor in Communications.

She has a talent for helping people see possibilities in hard places so they go from wishing life was better, to living a life full of happy choices. The first time she heard the saying “When you know better you do better” by Maya Angelou it created a huge perspective shift as well as becoming her all-time favorite quote. The quote reminds Michelle, it is ok to let go of perfection and embrace what is while learning what can be, without beating yourself up. Her friends and clients call her a wacky and fun-loving optimist. There is a time to live in the box, yet Michelle finds her most productive times are when the box is nowhere in sight.

When not working for Balanced Healthstyles, Michelle is a mother of 4 children, wife to a sexy better than Johnny Depp look-a-like, and pet mom to a very talkative Siamese cat, the best 7lb cheerleader in fur form little Porky (a mix of Pomeranian and Yorkshire Terrier), and a very calm and loving red lab. Within the business of her life, she also finds time to enjoy reading and listening to records.

Above all else, Michelle would like to be known as a person who cares deeply, laughs loudly, smiles often, and sees your potential.

Heather Lynn Darby - online nutrition coach

Heather Lynn Darby

Heather Lynn Darby has been coaching since 2002, and coaching online since 2012. As a master nutrition coach and certified personal trainer, she holds numerous nutrition and fitness coaching qualifications from certifying institutions including National Academy of Sports Medicine, Precision Nutrition, American Posture Institute, and National Corporate Fitness Association.

After overcoming her own health challenges related to chronic stress, she's committed to using her experiences to encourage others toward lasting changes in their lives.

Heather is a perpetual learner, always seeking to find the balance between evidence-based action steps and empathetic communication to help people work toward their goals in a way that fits into the context of their real life.

Her unique superpower is untangling knots, both literal and metaphorical. As Robert Frost once said, "I am not a teacher, but an awakener."

When not immersed in the internet or a book, she enjoys riding her bike around town, kitchen gardening, and brewing kombucha. Heather plans to live to 100+, and as a lifelong fan of space-operas and inspired by the Mars projects, she intends to live off-world one day.