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A person reaches for their toes, capturing joyful movement and helping to define joyful by ditching workout "shoulds."

How to Find Joy in Exercise: A Guide to Joyful Movement

Turn exercise from a chore to a joy with our guide on joyful movement. Don’t miss our quick guide full of actionable tips!

How to find the best hiking trails

How to Discover the Best Hiking Trails Wherever You Are | AllTrails Review

Photo by Oziel Gómez Sarah Siertle It’s time to get outside! Going outside, especially when you can be in nature, provides so many benefits to mental and physical health. Even just looking at trees lowers stress levels and blood pressure. Walking in nature can improve your mood and focus, not to mention the vitamin D…

Moving your body - A variety of types of movements are good for a healthy lifestyle, including walking outdoors

7 Mindblowing Reasons Why You Can’t Ignore Moving Your Body Every Day

Explore the importance of moving your body more and debunk the myth that movement is solely limited to formal workouts.

Achieve your fitness goal with these smart tips to keep fit and stay motivated every day

3 Smart Tips To Keep Fit And Balance Your Busy Life With Your Fitness Goal

Achieve your fitness goals while juggling a busy lifestyle. Find out how these smart tips will maximize your results and your time.

Modify exercises to work around physical limitations and achieve your fitness goals.

3 More Ways to Modify Exercises to Fit Your Body

Are you tired of feeling like fitness isn’t for you? Our latest article explores how to modify exercises to make them work for your body and lifestyle.

Long loop resistance bands offer versatile workout optio

Work out like a Boss with Long Resistance Bands Exercises

Get ready to supercharge your workouts with long resistance bands! A full body workout without the heavy metal!

Everybody dreams of having workout rooms easily available to them. Great news! At home gym ideas can be budget friendly.

5 at Home Gym Ideas That Will Inspire You To Workout

These budget-friendly at home gym ideas are perfect for those with limited space, a tight budget, or who want to get fit without leaving the house.

Accessible variations for upper body exercises

21 Upper Body Exercises Plus Modifications to fit YOUR Body

Get strong and healthy with exercise variations and modifications for every fitness goal and body type, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. Everybody can find their perfect upper body exercises to create a workout routine that will have you feeling great.

Thanks and planks 30 day challenge - pairing gratitude with doing a plank

Doing a Plank and Giving Thanks: Holiday Fitness Challenge

Planksgiving: Holiday exercise challenge that pairs giving thanks with planking every day. Over 20 variations to “build your plate”

A functional fitness workout includes functional mobility exercises that support daily living activity and mobility

Functional Fitness: Just a buzzword or your new favorite way to train?

You might’ve heard the phrase “functional fitness” before, but what does it actually mean?

Types of exercise in a workout weekly routine include movement, working out with structured activity, & progressive training

Create a workout weekly routine with three different types of exercise

Good Things Come to Those Who Move- Reimagine your workout weekly routine

You’re a busy person with a busy life, but you want to get active. How to work out with a busy schedule

How to Get Active When You Have a Busy Life

Congrats! You want to be more active.

But…. you have a busy life. You might be thinking “How the heck am I going to fit this all in?”

Strength training activities to increase the effectiveness of your strength training routine

11 Tips to Take Your Strength Training Activities to the Next Level

Whether you’re new or have been doing strength training activities for a while, applying each of these tips will help you take it to a whole other level.

How do I hire a personal trainer

Hiring a personal trainer: How to find the right one for you

Getting support for your fitness goals might involve hiring a personal trainer. Here’s 3 considerations to help you find the BEST FIT!

To modify exercises for a personalized workout, self-compassion is always proper form

Exercise Modification: How to improve your workouts with compassion

Modifications aren’t just for beginners, seniors, or those who are injured. Instead, exercise modifications are the key to enjoying an active lifestyle for your whole life.

How to start with exercise after a long break from working ou

How to start with exercise the smart way and stay motivated

The goal here is to create an exercise plan that’s sustainable, enjoyable, and fits your lifestyle!

Examples of lower body exercises and eg exercise variations

Fitness is for Everyone: Adjust Lower Body Exercises to YOUR Body

All variations of lower body exercises boil down to two motions: squat (hips + knees bend) or hinge (hips bend a lot but knees only a little)

food and fitness tracker devices paired with a biometric monitor

Fitness and food tracking apps: To track or not to track

Explore the potential for proactive healthcare and self-awareness building from tracking apps and wearables, as well as noting possible drawbacks

Recognize that you keep making progress toward your long term fitness goals by measuring progress in all forms

Fundamentals of Measuring Progress: it’s not always about the numbers

Ever wondered if you’re making any progress towards your fitness goal? Measuring progress is not always about the numbers. Maybe you ARE making progress and you’re just not noticing it!

Happiness at the gym is kicking gym anxiety in the butt

How to Find Your Fitness and Gym Happiness in 2024

Most everyone knows the benefits of consistent exercise, yet the gym is one of the most controversial spaces around. Talk to some people, and you’ll hear about how much they love their gym. Talk to others, and it’s a place they despise.

Here are six tips to help you find happiness at the gym!

Two people enjoying the healthy benefits of exercise by stretching after a moderate intensity cardio workout

Moderate Intensity Training: 4 Surprising Little Ways it will Boost Your Workout Results

High intensity is a great tool, AND it shouldn’t be the only type of cardio that you do. Moderate intensity training and Low Intensity cardio give totally different awesome benefits.

Let’s explore why you may want to consider adding some less intense cardio to your week.

A beginner hiker walking down a dirt trail in the middle of trees with a jacket and backpack on.

7 Important Tips You Need to Know as a Beginner Hiker or Outdoor Walker

There are entire stores dedicated to outdoor equipment, but you don’t need fancy things to get outside. Here are the 7 basic items you need when starting out

Man and woman on exercise equipment celebrating that fitness is for everyone by giving a high-five.

Fitness is for Everyone: How to Fit Your Workout to YOUR Body

Just because a program or someone on the internet tells you to do something, it doesn’t mean you have to do exactly that! Fitness is for everyone. Adjusting the exercise to fit your body leads to more enjoyable workouts.

Exercises for Summer 2024 - workout routine for beginners at home and outdoors, ideas and tips.

14 Useful Tips To Kickstart Your Workout Routines For Summer 2024

We’ve all had some VERY good reasons to cancel our workouts this past year, but if you’re itching to get moving this summer here are some workout routines for the summer just for you!