Self-Care + Rest

Benefits of smiling- why smiling is healthy: a healthy smile activates neural responses that work toward fighting off stress

Healthy benefits of smiling: 7 Reasons for smiling more

I’m not here to tell you the benefits of smiling so you’ll look better, but why smiling is healthy so you’ll consider adding a few more smiles to your day so you can FEEL better!

How can stress be reduced -The ultimate secret of taking on less stress

2 Winning Tactics for Taking on Less Stress

How can stress be reduced? Say “yes” to less. Strategies for goal chasers and people pleasers

Resilience to stress- Responding to a challenging situation in a way that promotes growth takes resilience and grit

Resilience to Stress: 11 Reliable Tactics you can use to Overcome

Resilience to stress is not usually something we feel like we have when we’re living through a challenging time. Good news though, you can learn and develop resilience.

How to make habits work for a healthier lifestyle that is sustainable

Why you want to Create Better Habits as you Build Your Healthier Lifestyle

There’s no ONE THING that will make you healthy… Discover the Wellness Trifecta habits that will transform your lifestyle effortlessly once they’re in place.

Reducing the stress hormone cortisol is one of the health benefits of laughter for emotional health

He Who Laughs Lasts: 10 Profound Health Benefits of Laughter

Can a focus on humor really help us feel better? Is it just in our heads, or do the benefits of laughter really improve mood and health?

Yoga flow sequence including cat cow helps improve posture, circulation, energy, and for stress relief

Yoga Flow for Stress Relief – 7 Poses to Boost Your Mood

It’s not easy being a human! Strategies for stress relief can be a lifesaver, and a quick yoga flow can really turn your day around.

Tea rituals can be an impactful calming practice, made beautiful yet easy by using a pyramid tea bag.

Stress relief & tea – Calming tea rituals from morning to night

Managing stress is a challenge. Short and sweet tea rituals for yourself can be an impactful calming practice.

Effective stress management techniques include developing hobbies that reduce stress.

Hobbies that reduce stress: Calm Your Mind, Refresh Your Spirit, and Have Fun Doing It!

Whether you’re looking for new hobbies that reduce stress or want more health benefits from the ones you have, the key is to choose what’s right for you and your life. What do you need to foster balance in your life?

After using wearable tech and sleep strategies for insomnia treatment, Coach Jeanette Marcotte shares how to get better sleep

Get Better Sleep – What I learned from Insomnia Treatment

You probably already know the basics of good sleep such as a quiet, dark, cool room and having a consistent wind-down routine. I won’t repeat those for you here.

Instead, here are five of the unexpected things that I learned…

Delayed onset muscle soreness and recovery, DOMS definition

What you need to know about Muscle Soreness and Recovery

DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness): Regardless of how much you like it or not, there is always a question that follows: How do I make it go away? Following you will find some insights about muscle soreness and recovery, so you can go back to training as soon as possible.

Self care gift ideas for a stress adaptation recovery kit

Stress Reducing Recovery Kit: 5 Items for a 5 Star Gift

Whether the daily stress is from a job, exercise, daily task or all of those combined, intentional recovery time can go a long way to improving quality of life. Putting together a Stress Reducing Recovery Kit is the perfect 5 star gift for just about everyone.

Powerlifting athlete with an unloaded barbell over his head in an active recovery session to promote increased performance.

How to use active recovery for increased performance

Active rest (also called “active recovery”) is the strategic use of light/moderate activity in the space between your hard training sessions. Here’s how to start using it to increase your performance