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Get started with recipes and articles by certified health coaches. Discover how to break down big health goals into small, doable steps to stay on track...

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fresh ideas for Meal Planning

Quick and easy blueberry lemon pancake - sheet pan recipe for healthy pancakes from scratch

Sheet Pan Blueberry Lemon Pancake [1 pancake feeds everyone!]

Being the pancake maker generally means that by the time you get to eat, everyone else has already finished eating their pancakes. This easy sheet pan recipe will have everyone eating their pancakes at the same time. Even the cook!

5 Healthy Eating Habits for the Holidays: Indulge with Balance

If you’d like to ‘win’ over the indulgence that this time of year can bring, it’s so important to have a few tricks up your sleeve to help you get through the holiday season guilt-free. Use these 5 practices to help you indulge with balance.
Indulge with balance: Know that healthy holiday eating is possible in moderation

move with purpose

Fundamentals of Measuring Progress: it’s not always about the numbers

Ever wondered if you’re making any progress towards your fitness goal? Measuring progress is not always about the numbers. Maybe you ARE making progress and you’re just not noticing it!
Recognize that you keep making progress toward your long term fitness goals by measuring progress in all forms

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A health coach helps people of all kinds feel confident in making changes toward healthy habits

Discover insights and strategies from leading experts on healthy habits

Meet the coaches who’ve contributed all the articles and recipes. With the combined experience of 25+ certified, and well-loved health coaches and personal trainers, who have worked with hundreds of clients, you’re sure to find the information you need from somebody who gets where you're coming from, or maybe even have walked in your shoes.

Healthstyle Coaches come from various backgrounds, are often parents or caretakers, hold many responsibilities, and are balancing their health goals with their busy lives, just like you. Rest assured, they have definitely been or are right where you are right now.

With their skills and credentials, they can help you balance your healthy habits too.

All the coaches who write for Balanced Healthstyles focus on you as an individual, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. It’s not about aesthetics or losing 20 pounds as fast as you can, it's about what you want, what your real life looks like, and what is doable for you, right now and for the future. It starts with listening and understanding what your needs are to improve your health.


What makes a Healthstyle Coach different?

All the articles and recipes here on Balanced Healthstyles are written by certified health coaches, nutrition coaches, and personal trainers, who are actively working with clients.

Healthstyle Coaches:

  • Help you create confidence in making choices that matter in your life
  • Guide you to overcome the stuff that gets in your way
  • Inspire you to stay focused and committed
  • Separate appearance from self-worth
  • Understand that progress looks different for each person
  • Believe that you are the expert on your own life

With so many diverse coaches, there’s sure to be one that is a match for you. Take a look at their profiles to connect.