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fresh ideas for Meal Planning

Eating golden roasted beets or beetroot juice preworkout delivers a dose of nitrates, which may help you train better.

Golden Roasted Beets: A recipe for fresh beets

Golden roasted beets is the easy way to cook beets, adding so much color to your meal - the hardest part of this recipe is deciding what you want to eat your beetroot with!

Healthier BBQ, Burgers and Hot Dogs

Standard cookout menus can make for very UNbalanced meals. So does that mean no more burgers and hot dogs?! Nah. Let’s look at ways to have our ‘burgs AND a balance in our summer meals with these healthier BBQ ideas.
How to make a healthy balanced meal on the grill

move with purpose

A functional fitness workout includes functional mobility exercises that support daily living activity and mobility

Functional Fitness: Just a buzzword or your new favorite way to train?

You might’ve heard the phrase “functional fitness” before, but what does it actually mean?

Fitness is for Everyone: How to Fit Your Workout to YOUR Body

Just because a program or someone on the internet tells you to do something, it doesn’t mean you have to do exactly that! Fitness is for everyone. Adjusting the exercise to fit your body leads to more enjoyable workouts.
Man and woman on exercise equipment celebrating that fitness is for everyone by giving a high-five.

healthy habits to recharge & feel your best

Reducing the stress hormone cortisol is one of the health benefits of laughter for emotional health

He Who Laughs Lasts: 10 Profound Health Benefits of Laughter

Can a focus on humor really help us feel better? Is it just in our heads, or do the benefits of laughter really improve mood and health?
After using wearable tech and sleep strategies for insomnia treatment, Coach Jeanette Marcotte shares how to get better sleep

Get Better Sleep – What I learned from Insomnia Treatment

You probably already know the basics of good sleep such as a quiet, dark, cool room and having a consistent wind-down routine. I won’t repeat those for you here. Instead, here are five of the unexpected things that I learned...
Resilience to stress- Responding to a challenging situation in a way that promotes growth takes resilience and grit

Resilience to Stress: 11 Reliable Tactics you can use to Overcome

Resilience to stress is not usually something we feel like we have when we’re living through a challenging time. Good news though, you can learn and develop resilience.

rewrite your story for a more satisfied life

health in balance

What Does Healthy Mean?

Emerging schools of thought are looking at the definition of health in a broader, more useful context... Deep Health.
What is the solution to a messy kitchen? How to make peace with your cluttered kitchen

Make Peace with Your Cluttered Kitchen (and Yourself)

Let's talk about how your kitchen makes you feel. When you walk into your kitchen to make dinner do you turn around and walk straight back out again?

Biased Optimism: Why We Overestimate Our Health & Fitness Habits

Embrace realistic optimism, and acknowledge the pros and cons of your decisions. Ask yourself these two crazy questions to evaluate if what you are planning is doable.
Your biased optimism may conflict with setting realistic goals.

healthy habits for a balanced lifestyle aka Healthstyle!

Set limits and boundaries for healthy habits.

How Limits and Boundaries Lead to Healthy Habits

Prioritize healthy habits by mastering the art of setting limits and boundaries.
Short term health goals are best tracked through personal progress.

The Perks of Tracking Your Personal Progress

Dive into what personal progress looks like in REAL LIFE, the role of intrinsic motivation, and the advantages of tracking what truly matters.

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Meet the coaches who’ve contributed all the articles and recipes. With the combined experience of 25+ certified, and well-loved health coaches and personal trainers, who have worked with hundreds of clients, you’re sure to find the information you need from somebody who gets where you're coming from, or maybe even have walked in your shoes.

Healthstyle Coaches come from various backgrounds, are often parents or caretakers, hold many responsibilities, and are balancing their health goals with their busy lives, just like you. Rest assured, they have definitely been or are right where you are right now.

With their skills and credentials, they can help you balance your healthy habits too.

All the coaches who write for Balanced Healthstyles focus on you as an individual, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. It’s not about aesthetics or losing 20 pounds as fast as you can, it's about what you want, what your real life looks like, and what is doable for you, right now and for the future. It starts with listening and understanding what your needs are to improve your health.


What makes a Healthstyle Coach different?

All the articles and recipes here on Balanced Healthstyles are written by certified health coaches, nutrition coaches, and personal trainers, who are actively working with clients.

Healthstyle Coaches:

  • Help you create confidence in making choices that matter in your life
  • Guide you to overcome the stuff that gets in your way
  • Inspire you to stay focused and committed
  • Separate appearance from self-worth
  • Understand that progress looks different for each person
  • Believe that you are the expert on your own life

With so many diverse coaches, there’s sure to be one that is a match for you. Take a look at their profiles to connect.