Are you ready to turn your lifestyle into a healthstyle?

Balanced Healthstyles believes health is not just a 1-hour workout or a healthy meal.
Only 16% of a healthy life involves your exercise and what you eat.

The other 84% is everything else in your life.

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Golden Beet Breakfast Hash

Nothing tastes good? You could use some comfort food. This beet breakfast hash makes a satisfying dish that’s easy when you make the vegetables ahead of time.

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Functional Fitness: Just a buzzword or your new favorite way to train?

You might’ve heard the phrase “functional fitness” before, but what does it actually mean?

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Zucchini Marinated Salad Recipe: Introducing A Greek Favorite

Ready for a new take on zoodles? Zucchini marinated salad discovered by the love of using zucchinis in Greek cooking. The longer fresh zucchini is marinated the more flavor it holds.

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Healthy Portions: Your hand size can tell you how much to eat

Using hand portions to choose serving sizes is all the rage these days. But how does it work? Is it reliable? Is it effective at helping you lose/maintain weight? And is it worth the effort?

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Individual Blueberry Crisps for 4

Blueberry crisps
Blueberry crumble
Blueberry croustade
Whatever you want to call it. It involves berries and a crispy, crumbly, topping.

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Golden Roasted Beets: A recipe for fresh beets

Golden roasted beets is the easy way to cook beets, adding so much color to your meal – the hardest part of this recipe is deciding what you want to eat your beetroot with!

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Create a workout weekly routine with three different types of exercise

Good Things Come to Those Who Move- Reimagine your workout weekly routine

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Gabe’s High Protein Granola Power Bowl – Only 3 Ingredients!

This satisfying granola bowl takes a little over a minute to make and uses 3 ingredients. It’s great for a quick breakfast or snack. When you want to feel fuel fast, this recipe will do the trick.

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