Stress Reducing Recovery Kit: 5 Items for a 5 Star Gift

Whether the daily stress is from a job, exercise, daily task or all of those combined, intentional recovery time can go a long way to improving quality of life. Putting together a Stress Reducing Recovery Kit is the perfect 5 star gift for just about everyone

Have you heard of the stress/recovery/adaptation cycle?

Stress + Recovery = Adaptation. We are exposed to some stressor, we have a period of time away from any stressors, and during that time our bodies fortify and adapt to prepare for the next exposure to stress. This is how strength and resilience is built. Recovery is critical to the cycle, otherwise it isn’t a cycle at all!

As we gear up for gift-giving season, you may be thinking about the friends and family on your list that are a little harder to shop for. How about giving the gift of self-care? Everyone, regardless of how they spend their days, could use more rest and recovery in their lives.

Calming graphic that describes the stress recovery adaptation cycle, leads to ideas for a stress recovery kit as a 5 star gift

What is Recovery, Exactly?

While a break from activity and sleep are among the most important components, a thorough recovery plan is more than time spent being inactive. It can include relief from muscle tension, practicing postural alignment, myofascial release, nutrition, hydration, breathwork, mindfulness practices, and time spent addressing any aches and pains that may be accumulating. Recovery is about reset time for the musculoskeletal system as well as the central nervous system.

Exercise is just one way we experience mechanical stress. The workday can expose folks to quite a bit of physical stress and excessive stimulation to the senses. Whether from sitting, standing for long periods, or a day full of physical labor, everybody needs some physical restoration in their routine to continue to be able to do what they do.

How often we need recovery time varies. Ideally of course we eat and sleep every day. Active recovery days are good to include in a weekly routine, and rest days are generally recommended to be included after 3-5 workout days (or as needed.) However, many recovery techniques can be incorporated into the daily routine.

Ideas for stress reducing gifts

We all have at least one friend or family member that is “difficult” to buy gifts for. We also all know someone who tends not to spend much time (or money) on themselves and views self-care as an indulgence. Encourage them to incorporate recovery into their daily life by gifting them self care holiday gifts in a custom Recovery Kit!

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5 Recovery Kit Items for a 5-Star Gift

These self care gift ideas are perfect for everyday stress recovery to sports recovery.

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1. Toe stretchers

The feet are jam-packed with muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, fascia and more. Spread those toes that have been confined in shoes all day. Stretching the feet and toes can be incredibly helpful for common ailments like plantar fasciitis, bunions, and hammer toes. Toe stretchers feel great at the end of the day, and require no effort. Place them between the toes, and sit and relax for 10 minutes to an hour! Include an essential oil foot spray or lotion to intensify the restoration.

Check out: Yoga Toes

2. Massage balls

Massage balls are convenient tools for self-myofascial release and working out muscle tension and knots. They come in so many shapes, textures, density and sizes designed to help us target tough-to-get spots on the body. Most are travel-size and can be used anytime, anywhere.

Check out: MobilityWod Gemini, Balanced Body “smooth” or “spiky” balls, KT Ice/Heat Massage Ball, Sidekick Lacrosse Ball

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3. Foam roller

Similar to massage balls, foam rollers are used for self myofascial release, improving circulation, and massaging larger muscles. They are also helpful in some joint mobilization exercises and stretches. They may require more effort to use than the other items on our list, but a foam roller can be a nice tool to have around. A soft to medium firmness will be the most crowd-pleasing, and firm and extra firm rollers are available for those who like that sort of thing.

Check out: Rollga, Balanced Body Softie, TriggerPoint Foam Roller

Massage balls and foam rollers are 5 star gift ideas for a sports recovery kit
Hydration and self myofascial release are important parts of stress recovery, and tools to help are 5 star gift ideas in any sports recovery kit.

4. A Water Bottle

Hydration is a critical element of recovery. Most of us are more likely to remember to drink water throughout the day when we carry a water bottle with us. Remind your friend to hydrate with a new water bottle to keep with them! Make it so easy for them by choosing a bottle that isn’t too heavy, is leakproof, and is dishwasher safe. Bonus points for BPA free material.

5. Your Favorite Things

Include some of your go-to items like lotions, SPF lip balm, sprays, epsom salt soaks, teas and snacks. It is always fun to try new things, and we always appreciate recommendations from friends and family!

Even More Recovery Kit Ideas

Oura Ring tracks activity levels and heart rate, measures recovery (through heart rate variability), and monitors sleep quality and quantity. Lightweight and easy to wear 24/7.

The sensors can detect when the wearer is tired, might be unwell, or under stress by reading the changes in body signals… helping someone to prioritize rest and recovery.

Lightweight, attractive, and easy to wear 24/7.

Give the Gift of Recovery

Whether they are hard to shop for or not, the people in your life will no doubt appreciate receiving new rest and recovery aides to try. You will feel good knowing you put together a unique, 5-star gift that might inspire your friends and family to level up their recovery routine!

What are some self care ideas that you might add to this list? Let us know in the comments.

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