Keto Meal Planning for busy people – Keto Frozen Meals Product Reviews

There are many ways to approach a Ketogenic Diet and there is no one size fits all approach. However you choose to approach your keto meal planning, it takes a thought out process to make sure the food we are eating is meeting the minimal carb load you’re aiming for. The difficulty is that we don't always have the time to make a plan. Take a look at the following quiz to see if you could benefit from frozen keto meals.

How can I stay eating keto when I don’t have time? Where can I find Keto frozen meals?

Want to learn more about if eating Keto may be right for you?

“I’ve got 99 problems, and carbs are all of them”

That’s funny and might feel true, but each person requires a different diet. As an experienced nutrition coach, I take a nutritional agnostic approach, recognizing what works for one person doesn’t work for another. There is no one size fits all.

I recommend if you are following a strict keto diet long-term, that you work with a doctor and qualified health coach to help monitor your labs and ensure your lipid profile is not trending in the wrong direction and manage any nutrient deficiencies to prevent any diseases.

In general whatever eating style or foods you choose, your nutrition goals should seek to limit inflammation, limit glycemic variability, and ensure adequate macro and micronutrient intake.

What is Keto? And why it might work for you?

Keto is a low carb, high fat diet. A keto diet typically consists of about 70-90% of the calories coming from fat with the remaining 10-30% from of a mix of carbohydrates and protein combined.

Why does ketosis work

The exact amount of carbs varies from as low as 10-15g of carbs a day up to 30-50g. By keeping carbohydrates very low, keto diets trigger your body to use ketones, instead of glucose, as its primary fuel source.

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Keto Meal Planning

Part of executing a healthy lifestyle is having a practical meal planning and/or shopping strategy. The best way to have a healthy diet is to eat unprocessed whole foods that you cook at home, most of the time.

This makes it easier to eat healthier because you have control of what goes in your meal. In an ideal world, this is a great goal to aim for but let’s talk about navigating day-to-day chaos which is my specialty. And, that includes making plan Cs.

Ready-made, pre-prepped and frozen keto meals - who are they for?

Take this quiz to see if eating frozen keto meals is best for you.

  1. Do you have children to take care of?
  2. Do you work odd hours or many hours?
  3. Does the thought of meal prepping make you want to scream?
  4. Are you tired of trying to calculate how much carbs, fat and protein are in each meal?
  5. Do the restrictions of keto seem too complicated to execute consistently?
  6. Need some diversity in your life? Have you run out of ideas of what to eat besides a bunless burger with bacon?
  7. Do you like the idea of keeping it simple to heat and eat?

Surprise… there’s no scoring, but if this sounds like you, then keto frozen meals might be something you’d find useful to keep your life simple.

Do I want you to eat frozen premade foods all the time …no? But if we don’t face our reality as to what is around us and available, and what skills and time we have then we are setting ourselves up to fail.

Now if keto is your style or you’d like to try it out… read on.

Taste Test and Product Reviews for keto frozen meals

Want the lowdown on how these frozen keto meals taste?

My boyfriend and I put these meals to the test. Introducing the "Bacon and Peatnut Butter Meter" I love peanut butter and he loves bacon, so this is how we will rate this taste test. The more bacon slices or spoonfuls of peanut butter by each item indicates the taste factor.

Keto meal planning with Meal Delivery Service

Meal delivery services send the prepped ingredients and measured seasonings for a meal and a recipe card for the instructions how to put it together.

Bacon-meter: 4 slices
PB-meter: 5 scoops
15g carbs

Green Chef - A prepped meal delivery service can be an easy solution for keto meal planning. Tastiness rating: Bacon scale: 4 out of 5 bacons, Peanut butter scale: 5 out of 5 scoops

Cost: Green Chef 2 person plan (4 recipes/week) | Weekly total:$102 (so $12.75/serving)

This was yummy and filling.

15g of carbs is a bit high for keto who are supposed to have only 15-35 (or less than 50g) per day, but if you want to save up most of your carbs for one meal this is a delicious option.

Pros are that

  • Green Chef is certified organic
  • The selections rotate and can be filtered by meal type preference, including keto
  • You get to avoid the grocery store
  • It saves time as the ingredients are pre-portioned for your meal

Con’s are that

  • You need to sign up a week in advance to order meals for the following week
  • This is a subscription service so you will need to pause, or cancel your subscription 7 days before your next order

Frozen Keto Meals You Can Find at the Grocery Store

Are there keto friendly frozen meals? Yes! I picked them up from places like Target, Walmart, Costco, Trader Joes, even Amazon, and I’ve done product reviews on a few of them for you. Please note: Prices and availability may vary.

Bacon-meter: 3 slices
PB-meter: 3 scoops
2g net carbs
Cost: 7$

Real Good Chicken Enchilada product review for keto meal planning while eating well, frozen meals price. Tastiness rating: Bacon scale: 3 out of 5 bacons, Peanut butter scale: 3 out of 5 scoops

Add a side salad, frozen cauliflower rice, or veggies and you will have a filling meal. The green sauce is what pulls this dish together and gives it flavor.

Bacon-meter: 2 slices
PB-meter: 2 scoops
2g net carbs
Cost: 9$ for 4

Real Good breakfast sandwich product review for keto meal planning while eating well, frozen meals Target. Tastiness rating: Bacon scale: 2 out of 5 bacons, Peanut butter scale: 2 out of 5 scoops

Real Good is not the word that comes to mind. But real simple does so this can do the trick in a pinch. This breakfast sandwich boasts a bun made from Cauliflower, almonds, and cheese. The reality is that the bun has a weird taste.

To its credit, this breakfast sandwich is filling enough to put a pause in your mind to delay the cravings for carbs. After eating this breakfast sandwich you are not hungry and feel more satisfied.

This was definitely better than going to a restaurant or drive through and trying to pass on the bread or a tortilla and eating the insides only.

Trying out Real Good breakfast sandwiches for keto meal planning

Bacon-meter: 3.5 slices
PB-meter: 4 scoops
3g carbs
Cost: $5.99 for 4

Keto meal planning product review, rating Trader Joe's frozen meals - salmon burgers. Tastiness rating: Bacon scale: 3 out of 5 bacons, Peanut butter scale: 4 out of 5 scoops

The main draw for me is that this burger is easy to go from freezer to grill.

The downside is that these are small enough to be snack almost slider size you may want two!

Trader Joe’s Salmon burgers are an easy option for keto meal planning

Top with avocado and or cheese on a salad and with walnuts or on top of Thin Slim low carb bagel and you are good to go

Keto and Fabulous.

Bacon-meter: 4.5 slices
PB-meter: 3 scoops
2g carbs
Cost: $3.79

Product review for eating well frozen meals - where to buy Jimmy Dean Scramble for keto meal planning. Tastiness rating: Bacon scale: 4.5 out of 5 bacons, Peanut butter scale: 3 out of 5 scoops

This breakfast cup is portable with no prep involved and quite tasty and hits all the american breakfast taste areas. By itself or paired with a low carb tortilla or wrap this is quick and tasty all with only 2g of carbs.

The key may be that this is not frozen. They actually have real eggs inside that you just pour into the cup then cook. If you have struggled to make time to eat breakfast this may be the solution for you.

Keto on the go

Bacon-meter: 3 doesn’t quite taste like real cheese for some reason.
PB-meter: 4 reminds me of a childhood fav I haven’t had in years!
2g carbs
Cost: $5.99

Keto meal planning product review for eating well frozen meals gluten free Kevin’s Natural Foods Cauliflower Mac and Cheese. Tastiness rating: Bacon scale: 3 out of 5 bacons, Peanut butter scale: 4 out of 5 scoops

This dish boasts that it’s Keto certified. Their keto products strictly limit carbohydrates to less than 2g per 0.5oz.

This cauliflower mac is made sous vide, which means the food is vacuum-sealed in a pouch and cooked in a hot water bath set to a precise temperature. Then on your end you throw it in the microwave and heat and serve in less than 5 minutes. This can be good as a quick and tasty side dish.

Keto that isn’t meat without a bun.

Bacon-meter: 5 yumm taste like a regular frozen pizza that I have been missing
PB-meter: 4 has that crunchy, saucy pizza satisfy your cravings taste
6g carbs
Cost: $7.89

Keto meal planning product review for eating well, frozen meals review: Quest pizza uncured pepperoni. Tastiness rating: Bacon scale: 5 out of 5 bacons, Peanut butter scale: 4 out of 5 scoops

Flourless crust and 6g net carbs servings per slice. The only downside that is if you eat more than one slice or the whole pizza for that matter you will be using up most of your keto allotted carbs for the day in one meal.

Pair this with a spinach salad for that veggie balance.

Trying out Quest pizza for keto meal planning (BuffaWhoa)

Homemade/Meal Prep for the Freezer

Bacon-meter: 5 loving the meatball with the small bit of melted cheese that drips out of your second bite. I also love I have a few to pop in the freezer to use next week for a quick dinner.

Keto meal planning product review for eating well, frozen meals homemade airfryer stuffed bison meatballs recipe. Tastiness rating: Bacon scale: 5 out of 5 bacons, Peanut butter scale: 4 out of 5 scoops

PB-meter: 4 These meatballs taste great reheated. This makes for a day-after lunch idea.
4g net carbs
Cost: estimated $12-14 of ingredients, or about $3.50/serving

Now I know what you are thinking. I said fast and frozen meals. They key is you make these fresh once but batch prep these for two servings so then next week you just pull these bad boys out of the freezer and then throw them in the airfryer for 10-12 minutes!

Serving suggestions for this might include, low carb marinara sauce with spaghetti squash or zucchini spirals, or even simply fresh or sauteed spinach.

Simple 5 day keto meal plan

Here is an idea of how you could throw the above meals into a 5 day Keto meal plan

Day 1
Eggs and Avocado
Real Good Chicken Enchiladas, Cauliflower Rice
Salmon and Broccoli

Day 2
Jimmy Dean Breakfast Cups
Tuna Salad Stuffed Avocados
Airfryer Meatballs, Zucchini Spirals, Cheese, Low Carb Marinara sauce

Day 3
Real Good Breakfast Sandwich
Naked Salmon Burger over salad
Chicken Thighs and Mushroom Sauce with Asparagus

Day 4
Eggs and cheese scramble
Grass Fed Burger with Bacon, use Portabello mushroom as bun
Green Chef Beef Tenderloin with Truffle Cream Sauce

Day 5
Bacon And Eggs with Spinach
Rotisserie Chicken with Roasted Vegetables
Bison Steak and Kevin’s Natural Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

5 day meal plan graphic for quick reference and shopping for keto meal planning breakfast, lunch and dinner

Example 5 Day Meal Plan, including a few of the frozen keto meal options reviewed.

Why Keto?

As mentioned above, I recommend that if you are following a strict keto diet long-term, you work with a doctor and/or a qualified health coach to

  • help monitor your labs and ensure your lipid profile is not trending in the wrong direction,
  • prevent any diseases, and
  • manage any nutrient deficiencies

Other reasons to consult with a qualified medical professional before starting a keto diet include: if there are any existing gallbladder, liver or GI dysfunctions or conditions.

Reasons NOT to go keto:

  • Very restrictive and hard to stick to
  • Low fiber can cause constipation
  • You can be at risk for nutrient deficiencies because of low intake of fruits and veggies.
  • Could increase the risk of certain diseases because:
    • Eating fruits, veggies, and fiber intake can be protective against many diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and overall mortality. Because the keto diet does not focus on including many of these in the diet you could be increasing your risk.
    • Excess saturated fat consumption is associated with an increase in cardiovascular disease and fatty liver disease. Keto diets are high in saturated fat.

Reasons TO go Keto:

  • may help correct metabolic disease for some people
  • easy to follow since you have fewer options so less decision-making
  • may lose weight faster in the beginning (mostly water weight)
  • higher blood levels of ketones may help to suppress appetite
  • may feel more energy and less brain fog
  • may enjoy the taste of high-fat foods so an easier diet to stick to

If you want to get even more specific about whether a keto diet will work for you, you can work with a doctor who practices genomic-based personalized medicine.

"Polygenic" refers to the total number of genetic variants that an individual has to assess their heritable risk of developing a particular disease.

A qualified practitioner can look at and consider your polygenic risk scores as a predictor of whether you will have a negative response to a diet high in saturated fats like keto.

If you want to learn more about which diet may be right for you or how genomics can affect your nutrition recommendations, you can connect with me through my author profile below.

Chaos Tamer Brandy Monge guides busy professionals to find balance between the chaotic life of a successful career and the desire to be healthy, fit, and energetic. She shows professionals that they don’t have to choose between being successful or being healthy. Brandy is a nutrition coach, gym owner, and fitness trainer who has a start with what we love approach to nutrition and fitness. Find other articles written by Brandy on her coach profile and start creating systems and habits to get your body in tip-top shape just like your career.

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