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Healthier recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and desserts, for every occasion. Delicious, nutritious, and kitchen-tested by our Healthstyles Coaches.

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quinoa pilaf packed with functional food brussels sprouts and cranberries

Quinoa Pilaf with Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Cranberries

I wondered if I could make roasted brussels sprouts and cranberries on the same sheet pan, and… it totally worked!

Long story short, roasting cranberries is just as transformational as it is for the brussels sprouts.

Ingredients for harissa on potatoes for breakfast

Harissa Hash & Eggs: Potatoes for Breakfast

When thinking of what to eat for breakfast that is healthy, eggs potatoes for breakfast probably spring to mind. The ingredients for this recipe are mostly staples you will have on hand, and all fall under the “EAT MORE” frequently category. That’s setting the tone for a great start to your day.

Plate with zucchini carrot muffins with apples on it. The carrots, apples and raisins are easy to see and look very moist.

Healthy & Hearty Zucchini Carrot Muffins with Apples

These are serious muffins! They’re the sort of muffins other muffins aspire to be. Moist, hearty, and delicious.

A plate with 5 oatmeal blueberry muffins and fresh, extra large blueberries surrounding the muffins.

Cinnamon Oatmeal Blueberry Muffin

A balance of taste and health. An oatmeal blueberry muffin is great for breakfast or a snack. Made with oatmeal and cinnamon. Moist and sweet enough everyone will enjoy them!

Picture of almond flour gluten free muffin recipes with pumpkin spice

Absolutely Amazing Pumpkin Spice Microwave Muffins in a Mug

For a quick breakfast or snack that you can whip up and have on the table in under 10 minutes, pumpkin spice microwave muffins in a mug are just the ticket.

Build your own perfect taco bowl with unlimited toppings from a homemade taco bar

Deconstructed Taco Bowl (with easy build your own Taco Bar sides)

You may be aware of the limiting size of taco shells and tortilla wraps. Well, what would you say to UNLIMITED FILLING!

Mexican chicken quinoa bowl is an easy meal prep recipe

Mexican Chicken Quinoa Bowl

This recipe is great for meal prepping, sure to become an easy favorite. It is basically a chicken burrito in a bowl.

BBQ sauce and onion infused grilled burger. Hamburger patties recipe for the grill that won’t fall apart

BBQ Infused Grilled Burger

Tips & Tricks to have flavor infused into every bite, without having your burger fall apart on the grill

Grilling brush dipped in BBQ sauce recipe with molasses

The Best Homemade Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce

Sweet and tangy homemade BBQ sauce, great for use while grilling and as a condiment.

Non-alcoholic margarita in a glass with a fresh jalapeno for garnish and muddled strawberries.

Spicy Strawberry Mockarita: A Non-Alcoholic Margarita

This drink complements any party event, giving you that kick of spice you need from a favorite cocktail, and the muddled strawberries give it such a great color it will never be boring.

Fruit salad with a twist! Watermelon with zesty radish sprouts and savory cotija cheese round out this unique summer salad

Watermelon Radish Sprout Salad

Fruit salad with a twist! Watermelon with zesty radish sprouts and savory cotija cheese round out this unique summer salad

Kale & sweet potato soup with wild rice - recipe for the Instant Pot

Kale & Sweet Potato Soup with Wild Rice

This hearty and cozy kale & sweet potato soup soup with wild rice is the perfect healthy comfort food for the long dark nights of Fall and Winter.

Spring pea salad recipe made with spicy baby arugula and crisp sliced radish

Radish and Spring Pea Salad

This bright spring salad pops with flavor, and is slyly packed with superb nutrition. I chose to incorporate an “ancient” grain called Farro, which has a velvety texture and a satisfying chew.

Spinach omelette plated with a side salad

Spinach Omelette

The key to a fluffy omelette is to use a whisk to beat the eggs rather than a fork, because the additional air incorporated will help your omelette come out fluffy and not tough.

Fanciest Oats in the world: Artisanal porridge with oatmeal hot cereal in the Instant Pot

Fanciest Oats in the World: Artisanal porridge with oatmeal

Are you tired of the same old bowl of oatmeal every morning? If you’re looking to mix things up and add some excitement to your breakfast routine, then you’re in luck! Introducing the Fanciest Oats in the World. Easy Instant Pot recipe.

A great Mexican side dish, refried beans from a can.

Homemade Refried Beans From A Can

A quick and easy way to make homemade refried beans with a few simple ingredients,
and much lower in added fat than traditional refried beans. Perfect for tacos, burritos, and more.

Healthy eating made easier with this Greek ground turkey meatball protein power bowl.

Mediterranean Flavors in a Greek Ground Turkey Meatball Bowl

Classic Greek flavors in a healthy and delicious protein power bowl.

In need of healthy breakfast ideas? This super quick hard boiled eggs and avocado protein bowl will soon be your go to recipe

Best Ever Hard Boiled Eggs and Avocado Protein Bowl

A quick and easy-to-make recipe for busy mornings or a mid-day snack. There are so many ways you can build a bowl with boiled eggs and avocado to suit your taste buds and dietary preferences.

Egg alternative for a heart healthy diet - tofu scramble breakfast

Tofu Scramble: An Easy Breakfast Swap for a Heart-Healthy Diet

Tofu Scramble: A healthy and satisfying alternative to scrambled eggs. Discover the many benefits of this plant-based protein and get inspired with recipe ideas.

Among anti inflammatory recipes, this balsamic strawberry arugula salad is probably the tastiest.

Red White and Blueberry – a twist on the classic Balsamic Strawberry Arugula Salad

Eat with your eyes first! This festive salad features the classic pairing of berries and balsamic vinegar with the peppery bite of arugula and creamy, rich goat cheese for the perfect balance of flavors, textures, and colors in every bite

Grilled vegetable salad for cookout: grilled eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, and bell peppers with balsamic vinaigrette

Grilled Vegetable Salad: Are you prepared for a good thing?

This simple grilled vegetable salad combines grilled eggplant and zucchini with fresh herbs and veggies in a rich balsamic dressing.

Basil lime dressing sparks up this watermelon feta salad

Watermelon Feta Salad with Basil and Lime – Bright flavors for a delightful summer

Watermelon tastes like summer. Think of this as an evolved version of backyard watermelon slices you enjoyed as a kid.  Your grown-up palate will appreciate the spicy jalapeno and salty feta interplay with the sweet watermelon.

This rhubarb strawberry smoothie recipe tastes like a German kuchen dessert

Rhubarb Strawberry Smoothie brings back memories of Grandma’s kuchen recipe

This healthy, homemade, high-protein rhubarb strawberry smoothie tastes just like kutchen, a traditional German custardy fruit dessert. Whether you grow your own rhubarb or buy it from a farmer’s market, this super shake tastes just like grandma’s kuchen, especially if you grew up near Bismarck North Dakota.

Fusion inspired vegan taco blends curry cauliflower and mexican flavors in a corn tortilla for the perfect handheld meal

Roasted Cauliflower Tacos with Spicy Homemade Refried Beans

This cauliflower taco is seriously good! With just enough spice and color to make everyone want to eat one. Add a bit of garnish like avocado, radishes, and fresh salsa for a quick and healthy meal. Perfect for Meatless Mondays or Taco Tuesdays!

Easy BBQ chicken crock pot recipe, versatile for meal prep, kid approved

Easy Shredded BBQ Chicken Crock Pot or Instant Pot

Easy meal prep recipe: Shredded BBQ chicken – crock pot or instant pot. Kid approved, according to my 4 kids!

Make this christmas guacamole using pomegranate arils

Holy Guacamole! Something Festive Pomegranate Guacamole Dip

Guac is extra but so am I – Guacamole two ways: a classic guacamole recipe and a festive pomegranate guacamole dip.

Easy dessert ideas for party: a fresh fruit dessert of Dark Chocolate Covered Orange Slices

Dark Chocolate Covered Orange Slices [tastes like candy!]

Dark Chocolate Covered Orange Slices, easy dessert ideas for party platters

St Patrick’s day pancake recipe - a healthy pancakes made with spinach bananas and oat flour

Kid-Friendly St Patrick’s Day Pancake & Fruit Breakfast

Fun and healthy St. Patrick’s Day breakfast – Coach tested, Kid approved!

This flourless peanut butter chocolate chip cookie with coconut is easy to make in less than 30 minutes

Easy, No Flour, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites

These peanut butter chocolate chip cookies are completely grain and egg-free. To make them dairy-free all you have to do is use dairy-free chocolate chips.

Ideas for Avocado Toast with Egg, layer with Romesco sauce and microgreens for a healthy breakfast

Avocado Toast with Egg and Romesco sauce – A genius flavor upgrade

Avocado toast is pretty yummy, so give it a healthy upgrade with egg and microgreens!

Air fryer meatballs - Keto recipe how to make cheese stuffed ground bison meatballs, with MyFitnessPal food journal barcode

Keto Cheese Stuffed Bison Meatballs [Air Fryer Recipe]

These keto, cheese stuffed, bison meatballs are delicious, low carb, and air fryer meatballs are easy to make ahead for meal prep.

Mediterranean power bowl - Greek chicken bowl on a bed of fresh vegetables with tzatziki sauce

Greek Chicken Bowl with Tzatziki

Mediterranean bowls are a taste sensation whether made with a fresh vegetable base, or as a hearty grain bowl.

Is chia pudding vegan and gluten-free? Chia is naturally gluten free and this easy recipe makes chia pudding with soy milk.

Chia Pudding: Chocolate Strawberry Recipe

The way that chia pudding thickens is the fibre on the outside of each seed absorbs water and fluffs up into a gel. Chia seed easily absorbed and digested without being ground, but can also be blended for a smooth texture.

Oven Roasted Carrots with herbs like parsley and thyme are great served warm or chilled in a power bowl

Oven-Roasted Carrots with Parsley and Thyme

Rainbow carrots with herbs is a delicious and easy side dish that pairs beautifully with almost any meal.

Recipe for Chimichurri marinated flank steak on grill

Chimichurri Marinated Flank Steak

7 Fresh Ingredients to make an easy Chimichurri marinade for flank steak on the grill. This South American flavor profile is off the charts!

Ramen soup healthy upgrade with chicken, miso and fresh vegetables like a pho ramen bowl

Chicken Miso Ramen Bowl

Packed full of goodness for your tummy. This soup is a well-balanced meal you can make in 30 minutes. Here’s to your health.

Beet breakfast with potatoes, golden beets, fresh cut corn and breakfast sausage.

Golden Beet Breakfast Hash

Nothing tastes good? You could use some comfort food. This beet breakfast hash makes a satisfying dish that’s easy when you make the vegetables ahead of time.

Thinly sliced zucchini, or zoodles, often used in Greek cooking make a wonderful zucchini marinated salad.

Zucchini Marinated Salad Recipe: Introducing A Greek Favorite

Ready for a new take on zoodles? Zucchini marinated salad discovered by the love of using zucchinis in Greek cooking. The longer fresh zucchini is marinated the more flavor it holds.

Eating golden roasted beets or beetroot juice preworkout delivers a dose of nitrates, which may help you train better.

Golden Roasted Beets: A recipe for fresh beets

Golden roasted beets is the easy way to cook beets, adding so much color to your meal – the hardest part of this recipe is deciding what you want to eat your beetroot with!

Intense Flavor: Grill Roasted Tomatoes

Grill Roasted Tomatoes

Making roasted tomatoes on the grill is also a brilliant way to process a bumper crop of summer produce while keeping the heat out of the kitchen,