We ❤️ humans.

As a health & wellness coach, you have an amazing story to tell, one that makes you:

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People want to hear it.

It adds value to their lives. They want to know your thoughts, your processes, and how to make it work for them.

People can’t be what they can’t see, you are the guide the public sees.

Balanced Healthstyles incorporates a new era
of collaboration to improve your visibility.

Going it alone is a long, slow journey.

You go through your day, checking off all the online coach to-do boxes, and wonder if what you did was enough.

You have been advised to:

Provide valuable content that is both educational and entertaining

Post tips on social media every day

Talk to different people in your network every day

Have conversations with those who engage with your posts

Produce video content to connect with your audience

Offer your services in multiple variations of CTAs (call to actions)

Tell your story in a relatable and transparent way

Health Coaches overwhelmed by marketing tasks

Trying to increase your online visibility alone is time consuming.

It is hard to:

gain traction with your social media marketing

see growth in your lead generation

have content strategies that attract your ideal client and keeps them wanting more

You want more people to see your stuff.  So does Balanced Healthstyles.

We are in your corner! It is time to get off the hamster wheel.

This idea may sound outrageous; in fact, you may wonder why no one thought of it earlier.

Push aside the thought that you have to do it all on your own. Decide to choose a new path; getting visible is HARD.

It is our mission to lift you up and watch you soar.

You are not working alone.

Collaboration is the key to overcoming many of your obstacles. Balanced Healthstyles is here to coordinate a friendly community of collaboration because collaboration is the solution.

We care about getting you visible
Collaboration is the solution

This is an incredible opportunity.
Are you ready to collaborate for
the good of your business?

How does it work?

We provide the behind the scenes work, you simply submit a recipe or blog post that will be seen on our website, plus it will be pushed out to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter, plus it has the potential to be featured in our newsletter.

Being “we” centered allows every coach to show up with content that appeals to their niche. Diversity is our strength. We believe that choices are essential - Health is a journey - no one does it the exact way you do, and we want to celebrate the way you do it. Balanced Healthstyles is a place to be featured and found by your ideal clients.

The power of collaboration is on your side.

Collaboration can bring your business success!

Being part of a team is key to your survival in the beginning stages of your business.

Teamwork is on your side when your recipes and blogs are published on our site. The more coaches, the more content. The more content the more searches will find you. More searches equal more visibility. More visibility means new leads for your business.

Isn’t that cool how working together can boost your visibility? Getting seen by more people increases your chances to be hired.

Path: Collaboration creates more content, which generates more searches. which raises your visibility, creating more leads.

We spread the word about:

  • What you do
  • How you do it
  • What matters on the journey
  • How to be realistic
  • How to make something that feels hard doable

Your passion is to spread goodness to the world. Our website visitors want this and are striving for a healthstyle of their own that is realistic and fits into their life.

This site is created to help you connect with people.

Get visible with us.

Like what you see? Ready to get started?

Check out how easy it is to submit content. Click the button below to find out more.

It is an exciting world out there, let’s embrace it together
and use the power of collaboration to raise your visibility.

The Founders

We are Happy People

We choose happy.

Voltaire quote Happy Good For Health

We are real humans who have a passion for living healthy in the midst of real life! We’re not always perfect, in fact, we’re almost never perfect, but health isn’t about perfect so it’s okay. What matters is that we feel great and we’re having fun as we grow in our health journey every day.

Michelle Jerome - headshot

Michelle Johnson Jerome

Michelle Johnson Jerome, a yoga instructor since 2008, a personal trainer since 2009, and a master nutrition coach since 2018. She also has several degrees, one in Marketing and one in Advertising with a minor in Communications.

She has a talent for helping people see possibilities in hard places so they go from wishing life was better to living a life full of happy choices. The first time she heard the saying “When you know better you do better” by Maya Angelou it created a huge perspective shift as well as becoming her all-time favorite quote. The quote reminds Michelle, it is ok to let go of perfection and embrace what is while learning what can be, without beating yourself up. Her friends and clients call her a wacky and fun-loving optimist. There is a time to live in the box, yet Michelle finds her most productive times are when the box is nowhere in sight.

When not working for Balanced Healthstyles, Michelle is a mother of 4 children, wife to a sexy better than Johnny Depp look-a-like, and pet mom to a very talkative Siamese cat, the best 7lb cheerleader in fur form little Porky (a mix of Pomeranian and Yorkshire Terrier), and a very calm and loving red lab. Within the business of her life, she also finds time to enjoy reading and listening to records.

Above all else, Michelle would like to be known as a person who cares deeply, laughs loudly, smiles often, and sees your potential.

Heather Lynn Darby - online nutrition coach

Heather Lynn Darby

Heather Lynn Darby has been coaching since 2012. As a master nutrition coach and certified personal trainer, she holds numerous nutrition and fitness coaching qualifications from certifying institutions including National Academy of Sports Medicine, Precision Nutrition, American Posture Institute, and National Corporate Fitness Association.

After overcoming her own health challenges related to chronic stress, she's committed to using her experiences to encourage others toward lasting changes in their lives.

Heather is a perpetual learner, always seeking to find the balance between evidence-based [interventions, action steps] and empathetic communication which helps people work toward their goals in a way that fits into the context of their real life.

Her unique superpower is untangling knots, both literal and metaphorical. As Robert Frost once said, "I am not a teacher, but an awakener."

When not immersed in the internet or a book, she enjoys riding her bike around town, kitchen gardening, and brewing kombucha. Heather plans to live to 100+, and as a lifelong fan of space-operas and inspired by the Mars projects, she intends to live off-world one day.