Heather Lynn Darby

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  • Certified Master Nutrition Coach – Precision Nutrition Pn1 Pn2
  • Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist – National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
  • Posture Archetype Specialist – American Posture Institute (API)
  • Certified Corporate Fitness Specialist – National Corporate Fitness Institute (NCFI)
  • Associate – American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM)

Heather Lynn Darby is a Nutrition & Fitness coach who specializes in working with GenX-ers who sit at a computer desk for work, who are looking to get their health back on track.

Heather approaches nutrition and fitness from the perspective of mitigating chronic stress, which has been proven to disrupt nutrition and lifestyle habits.

Her online coaching program can help you tune into your internal body signals, look at food in a different light, reverse the negative impact of extended sitting, and create healthy habits that fit into your real life and become the new normal.

What makes Coach Heather unique

Heather Lynn Darby has been coaching since 2012. As a master nutrition coach and certified personal trainer, she holds numerous nutrition and fitness coaching qualifications from certifying institutions including National Academy of Sports Medicine, Precision Nutrition, American Posture Institute, and National Corporate Fitness Association.

After overcoming her own health challenges related to chronic stress and burnout, she’s committed to using her experiences to encourage others toward lasting changes in their lives.

Heather is a perpetual learner, always seeking to find the balance between evidence-based action steps and empathetic communication which helps people work toward their goals in a way that fits into the context of their real life.

She’s all about experimentation and discovering the seeds of truth in the sea of propaganda that’s been floated about nutrition and fitness.

This began as a sassy 10 year old, questioning the FDA nutrition guidelines with an experiment on her pet gerbils about whole foods vs processed foods (which took 5th at the Michigan State science fair against college-bound seniors).

In a parallel universe, Heather would have gone on to become a genetic researcher. In this timeline, Heather ended up spending most of her time sitting behind a computer doing academic administrative and accounting work.

Today her interests manifest as helping everyday people reframe what they think they know, about what contributes to (or diminishes) health and longevity, and their own agency in maintaining their health.

Her unique superpower is untangling knots, both literal and metaphorical. As Robert Frost once said, “I am not a teacher, but an awakener.”

When not immersed in the internet or a book, she enjoys riding her bike around town, kitchen gardening, and brewing kombucha. As a 30+year vegetarian Heather plans to live to 100+, and as a lifelong fan of space-operas and inspired by the Mars projects, she intends to live off-world one day.

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Coach Heather Lynn Darby celebrating her 50th birthday


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