Listening to Your Body- What Does That Even Mean?

Learn how to build mindful awareness by listening to your body

It’s time to talk about body awareness: Every body is different, and everyone experiences their body in different ways. Use this three step process to help you figure out how you feel, how it’s affecting you, and what to do about it.

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How to Achieve Your Goals Using Positive Thinking

Words with happy sun type rays, self talk to think positive, a graphic for an article on using positive thinking to achieve goals.

Positive thinking means tuning into your self-talk and your feelings, getting the best out of them. It does not mean that everything should be shiny and beautiful. A positive goal focuses on what should be done instead of what should not be done.

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How To Be Healthier Without The Scale

Numbers with question marks around a scale with words on it stating to be healthier the number isn’t a way to show progress.

I’ve interviewed hundreds of people about their fitness goals and desires. Most people cited “weight loss” as their number one goal, not really surprising at a gym.

What was surprising was the most common answer to my follow-up question.

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