10 Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving

How to build a thriving life - 10 tips for healthy Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and if you’re like me, you might be stressing about how to maintain your healthy lifestyle during a time of indulgence. Don’t worry, here’s 10 tips for a thriving Thanksgiving.

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5 Simple and Easy Thanksgiving Recipe Swaps and More

Easy Thanksgiving recipe swaps and cooking hacks to lighten up the biggest meal of the year.

While there’s nothing wrong with indulging, there are some simple swaps you can make to save calories, reduce sugar, and cut fat without sacrificing flavor. Make a few of these easy Thanksgiving recipe swaps, and you’ll be satisfied without being stuffed!

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Spicy Pumpkin Hummus

Flavored hummus to add to your spiced hummus recipes.

This spicy pumpkin hummus is your new go-to fall appetizer – you’ll be eating it from Halloween through Thanksgiving.

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Basil Blackberry Smash [Mocktail]

For a sweet and tart mocktail perfect for summertime, this Blackberry Smash is a taste sensation muddled with basil.

Karen S Holden While many of us like to enjoy a cocktail every now and then during the summer, sometimes you just want something sans alcohol  You’ve come to the right place – introducing the refreshing summer mocktail, Basil Blackberry Smash. Whether you’re not a drinker or you just need a break, this mocktail recipe…

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