Michelle Johnson Jerome

đź‘Ť Perfection Busting Coach at Simple Solutions by Michelle Jerome

Founding Partner at Balanced Healthstyles

  • Certified Master Health Coach – Precision Nutrition Pn2
  • Certified Nutrition Coach – Precision Nutrition Pn1
  • Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor – Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA)
  • Yoga Instructor – Yogafit Inc

Michelle Johnson Jerome is an expert on busting through perfectionism. She is passionate about helping others live life with purpose and joy. By drawing on her extensive experience as a nutrition coach, personal trainer, and yoga instructor she helps develop a realistic approach to goal setting that allows you to make progress and stop obsessing over mistakes.

Discover your “easy button”: learn how to manage life’s unpleasant parts so you can move forward, reach your goals, and live your best life.

What makes Coach Michelle unique

Michelle Johnson Jerome, a yoga instructor since 2008, a personal trainer since 2009, and a master nutrition coach since 2018. She also has several degrees, one in Marketing and one in Advertising with a minor in Communications.

She has a talent for helping people see possibilities in hard places so they go from wishing life was better, to living a life full of happy choices. The first time she heard the saying “When you know better you do better” by Maya Angelou it created a huge perspective shift as well as becoming her all-time favorite quote. The quote reminds Michelle, it is ok to let go of perfection and embrace what is while learning what can be, without beating yourself up. Her friends and clients call her a wacky and fun-loving optimist. There is a time to live in the box, yet Michelle finds her most productive times are when the box is nowhere in sight.

When not working for Balanced Healthstyles, Michelle is a mother of 4 children, wife to a sexy better than Johnny Depp look-a-like, and pet mom to a very talkative Siamese cat, the best 7lb cheerleader in fur form little Porky (a mix of Pomeranian and Yorkshire Terrier), and a very calm and loving red lab. Within the business of her life, she also finds time to enjoy reading and listening to records.

Above all else, Michelle would like to be known as a person who cares deeply, laughs loudly, smiles often, and sees your potential.

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