Lisa Bernier

Coach at Lisa B Fit

  • Certified Master Nutrition Coach – Precision Nutrition, Pn1 Pn2
  • Certified Personal Trainer, Functional Training for Aging Adults – YMCA

Lisa Bernier is a Health Puzzle Master. As a mindful nutrition coach, she believes everything is connected. After dieting all her life and battling with the numbers on the scale, she has finally found her fit and her freedom from food restrictions and is now focused on helping you find yours.

Lisa has the right tools to help you master your mindset and tune into your inner strengths without focusing on the scale. Working one-on-one, she will patiently guide you step by step one habit at a time, without judgment, towards a healthier lifestyle and realizing your fitness goals.

Lisa’s approach will help you connect the pieces of nutrition, fitness, and mindset so you can live your best life and love yourself from the inside out.

Coach Lisa Bernier
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Holiday mocktail recipe for Cinnamon Apple Cider Mimosa, perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas Brunch, or new Year’s Eve

Cinnamon Apple Cider Mimosa – a Holiday Mocktail

A drink everyone can enjoy, full of crisp fall flavors to make any holiday party extra festive. Everyone will be smiling while they sip this mocktail.

Thinly sliced zucchini, or zoodles, often used in Greek cooking make a wonderful zucchini marinated salad.

Zucchini Marinated Salad Recipe: Introducing A Greek Favorite

Ready for a new take on zoodles? Zucchini marinated salad discovered by the love of using zucchinis in Greek cooking. The longer fresh zucchini is marinated the more flavor it holds.

Is chia pudding vegan and gluten-free? Chia is naturally gluten free and this easy recipe makes chia pudding with soy milk.

Chia Pudding: Chocolate Strawberry Recipe

The way that chia pudding thickens is the fibre on the outside of each seed absorbs water and fluffs up into a gel. Chia seed easily absorbed and digested without being ground, but can also be blended for a smooth texture.

High blood pressure levels are often referred to as a silent killer because it shows no symptoms until damage is done

High Blood Pressure Levels… IS IT A SILENT KILLER?

High blood pressure levels can damage your heart, lungs, eyes, brain, and kidney without showing any warning signs. What can you do about it?

A vegan dessert cup of silken tofu chocolate mousse garnished with fresh raspberries

Healthy Dark Chocolate Raspberry Mousse

Made with silken tofu, this vegan Chocolate Raspberry Mousse lets you enjoy a guilt-free indulgence without compromising on flavor.

vegan hot chocolate made from milkadamia, macadamia nut milk

Hot and Spicy Milkadamia Hot Chocolate

A simple easy hot chocolate recipe-for-one that I enjoy all year long, especially the spoonfuls of fluffy mousse that this recipe produces.

Eating crickets for protein is but one of the benefits of cricket protein powder. Farming insects for human consumption maximizes crop yields and global food security.

9 Benefits of Cricket Protein Powder, and Why You Should Try It

WHAT DOES IT TASTE LIKE…. NOT LIKE BUGS! Cricket powder blends its flavour well with other ingredients without being overpowering. It tastes slightly nutty with an earthy flavour.

Three mini zucchini carrot muffins made with cricket protein powder.

Nutty Zucchini Carrot Muffins

When I try different recipes, I always try and see how I can make the recipe a little bit healthier. In general, muffins seem like a healthy choice. However, many muffins are loaded with sugar and unhealthy fats with no added benefits. Hence why I made a mini muffin recipe that is a healthy and tasty little snack full of powerful benefits.