Bree Taylor

Coach at Reality Bites Training

  • Certified Personal Trainer – National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
  • Certified Master Nutrition Coach – Precision Nutrition Pn1 Pn2

Bree V. Taylor has been a personal trainer and wellness coach for over eight years, moving from big box gym to boutique to her own business – Reality Bites Training.

Her philosophy is that if you aren’t having fun, you’re doing it wrong.  Whether that is finding a recipe or learning a new exercise, people continue to practice what they enjoy.  Bree helps others to find what they enjoy and what works in their own lives through exercise, nutrition, and mindset.

Coach Bree Taylor
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Numbers with question marks around a scale with words on it stating to be healthier the number isn’t a way to show progress.

How To Be Healthier Without The Scale

I’ve interviewed hundreds of people about their fitness goals and desires. Most people cited “weight loss” as their number one goal, not really surprising at a gym.

What was surprising was the most common answer to my follow-up question.