Bethany Shields

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  • Certified Nutrition Coach – Precision Nutrition Pn1
  • Certified Sleep, Stress, and Recovery Coach – Precision Nutrition
  • Specialization in Behavior Change Psychology – Precision Nutrition
  • Specialization in Nutrition Coaching for Athletes – Precision Nutrition

Bethany Shields specializes in working with high performance athletes of every size so they can fuel their bodies for life and slay their fitness goals.

She is passionate about using her experiences to inspire lasting change in the lives of others who’ve suffered at the hands of diet culture. After overcoming the challenges of over three decades on the diet roller coaster and the disordered thinking that accompanied her bariatric surgery, Bethany changed her relationship with food and fitness, and became an accomplished athlete along the way.

Her coaching programs help you stop shrinking yourself and get strong instead. By embracing imperfection, you’ll improve your relationship with yourself, food, and fitness and gain confidence throughout the process.

Connect with Bethany further when you’re ready to ditch diets, prioritize yourself, and begin developing sustainable healthy habits for life.

Coach Bethany Shields
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