CJ Gotcher

Academy Director at Barbell Logic

  • Professional Barbell Coach (PBC)
  • Pn2 Coaching Masterclass - Precision Nutrition
CJ Gotcher is a Professional Barbell Coach (PBC) and an expert in sports nutrition

CJ Gotcher started his coaching career as a Physical Training Officer at the United States Naval Academy, and after completing his service, has been a full-time coach in the private sector since 2016.

He helps professionals-in-transition design a lifestyle and career that matches their mission and purpose. Pulling reason, scientific evidence, and a practice of personal experimentation, CJ helps lifters build strength and resilience for life.

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Powerlifting athlete with an unloaded barbell over his head in an active recovery session to promote increased performance.

How to use active recovery for increased performance

Active rest (also called “active recovery”) is the strategic use of light/moderate activity in the space between your hard training sessions. Here’s how to start using it to increase your performance