Top 5 Ways a Directory can help your Coaching Business Grow

5 ways that joining a coach directory helps your coaching business grow

Ready to make your personal training or health coaching business grow?

Finding the right person to guide a client to their goal(s) can make all the difference in a client’s success, but how does a potential client know which person is best for them?

In a coach directory.

A coach directory is an online resource where people can find the best possible coach to meet their needs and goals. Being listed in a directory gives you the advantage of being found when people are purposely searching for help.

Having a photo and a meaningful profile telling your story, experience, and who you serve in our directory is very valuable. Potential customers can learn about you, see you, and read articles and recipes you have shared, which improves your standing when they consider hiring you. It all makes the reader feel comfortable with you and get the sense that they can trust you, making you the best choice possible.

What they don't tell you in coaching school

Marketing yourself is hard. Without a directory, getting clients will require you to put in a lot of hard work. After getting all your education, you will need to learn about inbound marketing and social media marketing. Establishing an online presence by writing blogs, sharing recipes, and developing social media campaigns is never-ending. Let alone learning how to do it and staying consistent with it.

When you are part of a directory, you get the advantage of the marketing work the platform does for you, so that you can concentrate on coaching.

There are several reasons why you should be in a coach directory:

1. Building a comfortable know, like, and trust presence.

You know that content marketing, sharing recipes, and writing articles attracts attention and builds your reputation. People like to see who you are and why you are worth listening to. Placing yourself alongside your fellow colleagues in a directory not only shows your value, but proves that others value you too. Why? Because, they become your teammates... your fellow experts in the field. Knowledge is powerful, and showing up with others raises your credibility.

2. Be found in purposeful searches when people are looking to hire a coach.

When a potential client does a search on the internet, the intent is to have their questions answered or find a solution to their problem.

Searches can be classified into 3 categories, Do, Know, Go

A Do search is when a person is looking for a specific action, such as purchasing a workout plan or hiring a coach.

Know searches happen when a person is wanting to learn more about a certain topic. They know within a few clicks they will gain more knowledge quickly. For example, a quick search for Taco Bowl Recipes gives you enough information to make a grocery list, cook and eat. [And thank the coach who shared the recipe with you.]

Go searches are when the searcher knows exactly where they want to go, for example, a specific website like

3. Highlight you and your services

The ability to be found in a search, in multiple ways through articles you write, recipes you share, your photo and story about who you are, who you serve, and why you know what you know, all help your coaching business grow.

People buy YOU as well as what you have to offer. Everyone has a problem they want to solve - that is why people buy things. Your stand-alone profile page offers your customers a simple and concise way to know what you are all about and how you benefit them.

Today’s world understands that the answers they seek are just one click away. Highlighting you and your services makes it easy for the reader to get straight to the point.

4. Give readers opportunities to connect with you through links and comments

Whether you are a free or premium member, your profile will include link(s) to your social media, along with various ways a potential customer could interact with you. Because, in order to get clients, you must have a way for them to contact you.

5. All members will get social media posts promoting you and your submission

Having to always self-promote is taxing. Let us brag on you for a while! Letting someone else give reasons why people should check you out immediately positions you as an expert.

Everyone will receive a social media campaign around their published content. The more robust the campaign is dependent on your level of membership. Whatever membership you own, the benefits of having someone else promote you are worth your time and membership fee.


How does a directory listing help my coaching business grow?

It is not simply a directory, but also a profile page that allows you to tell your story.

A directory is one form of marketing. One question to ask is,

"How does membership in a directory fit into my overall marketing plan?"

If membership comes at a cost, what are other marketing activities being offered? For example, are you given opportunities to network? How about speaking engagements? Referrals?

Directories are helpful as an additional tool blended with other activities.

What is included in the directory listing?

[ FREE ] Stand Alone Profile Page:

  • Your name, title and business name
  • A Standard Bio - about your credentials [why you know what you know] who you work with and your story - all in 150 words or less, one link to website or one public social media account [not a facebook group, lead magnet or link in bio, or email]
  • Field for one headshot
  • A link to all contributions published on Balanced Healthstyles.

[ PREMIUM ] Level:

All the above, plus:

  • Extended Bio - extended word count to share your story, providing the ability to explain what makes you unique.
  • A field for Personality photo
  • 3 links to public social media
  • Options to have potential clients directly contact you.
    (Example book an appointment or a call, email, phone number.)
  • Inclusion in the site's searchable coach directory.

[ ELECTIVE ] Level:

limited to 30 coaches

All the above, plus:

  • Photo and ideal placement on the Meet Our Coaches page
  • Meet Our Coaches page is the main directory page, which puts you directly in front of potential clients each and every time they go to search the directory. This sets the tone for automatically becoming a first choice for potential customers just by having your face on this page.
  • Ability to have a lead magnet/personal opt-in [yes, you will get the direct lead information]
  • Priority social media campaign which include tagging on social media
  • Priority for interviews on Lives and Podcasts
  • This purchase is for those who are committed to scaling their business

Do I need a website to be in the directory?

You do not need a website to be in the directory, there are many options for giving potential clients information about your services. A business model that includes having some form of web presence is important in today’s market. This could easily be a public social media account, such as a Facebook profile or page, Instagram, or LinkedIn profile. With the Premium and Elective levels of membership, many coaches find that they don’t need a website to get started.

Having said that, a branded website enhances your credibility as a business. To help, we'll provide some training on how to build a site yourself (if you like that kind of thing), as well as referrals to trusted people who will build you a site quite reasonably!

What if my business isn't launched yet?

If you're just starting out in your coaching business, you can still join us! Start building your online presence now.

Do I need a health coaching certification to be included?

Yes, we will ask about your certification and experience to ensure we're only promoting qualified health coaches, personal trainers, and wellness professionals.

How will the directory be organized?

For the Elective membership level, profile photos featured on the Meet Our Coaches page will be ordered based on the amount of content contributed.

For Elective and Premium Membership Coaches, there will be a searchable directory on the Meet Our Coaches page that populates based on tags you choose, outlining your areas of expertise and other features of your coaching practice.

How many new clients can I expect to get from this?

It depends—we can share your information with our audience, but it's still up to you to "make the connection."

The structure of the site and social media campaigns provide numerous opportunities to create connections: sharing social media posts of your content, responding to comments on social media posts, responding to comments on the website, etc.

Additionally, in the Membership Hub and Facebook Group, you’ll have access to step-by-step guidance and support to optimize your profile and strategically promote your content. Feel free to check out our resources for more info on marketing your business to connect with your ideal clients.

I can't afford the fee. Are there any other options?

We will always offer a free level of membership to qualified coaches. The modest membership fee helps ensure we're featuring health coaches in the directory who are actively growing their business.

That being said, we are not about monetizing coaches, we are here to support each other. Membership fees go to defraying the expenses of maintaining the platform and promoting coach content to the (coach-seeking) public.

Can I just pay for a membership to get the benefits?

Participation is required. Since this is a directory of collaborating coaches, at a bare minimum you must contribute at least one recipe or article per membership cycle.

What's your cancellation policy?

You're able to cancel your listing at the end of your billing cycle. Your profile page will be converted to the free level, and all articles and recipes you submitted will remain published, remaining subject to the terms and conditions agreed to at the original publication date (see below).

What are the Terms and Conditions?

Contributions are subject to terms and conditions to which you must agree upon submission.

You are encouraged to read the entire document, and the highlights of it include:

  • All content is original and the author agrees not to publish a duplicate of this work elsewhere.
  • Balanced Healthstyles reserves editorial license on all contributions, primarily for SEO optimization purposes. Advertising may be placed on content pages.
  • The Author gives the Publisher copyrights and permission to repurpose the article in full or use a portion to create posts on platforms to promote the content.

We want to answer all your questions, so do not hesitate to contact us at

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  • Field for Personality photo
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  • Searchable Coach Directory
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