Sober in October – An alcohol free experiment

Have you heard about Sober for October?

What can you learn from a 31 day alcohol-free challenge? Benefits, drawbacks & tips from 6 years experience going sober in October

Portion size for healthy foods converted to healthy portions measured by hand size

Healthy Portions: Your hand size can tell you how much to eat

Using hand portions to choose serving sizes is all the rage these days. But how does it work? Is it reliable? Is it effective at helping you lose/maintain weight? And is it worth the effort?

Grill roasted vegetables -The best vegetables to grill together

Grill Roasted Vegetables – keep the heat out of the kitchen!

Heather Lynn Darby Can you roast vegetables on a grill? We’ve all gotten on the bandwagon by now with OVEN roasted vegetables. This simple process of roasting elevates and intensifies the flavor profile of almost any vegetable. And in the peak of summer, with so much fresh produce in season at great prices (or from…

Are there frozen keto meals that work for keto meal planning?

Keto Meal Planning for busy people – Keto Frozen Meals Product Reviews

When you have 99 problems and carbs are all of them šŸ˜‚ Check out how you can mix in 5 fast, on the go and frozen keto meals to your meal plan to get you through the work week.

High blood pressure levels are often referred to as a silent killer because it shows no symptoms until damage is done

High Blood Pressure Levelsā€¦ IS IT A SILENT KILLER?

High blood pressure levels can damage your heart, lungs, eyes, brain, and kidney without showing any warning signs. What can you do about it?

Eating crickets for protein is but one of the benefits of cricket protein powder. Farming insects for human consumption maximizes crop yields and global food security.

9 Benefits of Cricket Protein Powder, and Why You Should Try It

WHAT DOES IT TASTE LIKEā€¦. NOT LIKE BUGS! Cricket powder blends its flavour well with other ingredients without being overpowering. It tastes slightly nutty with an earthy flavour.

Three women without much clothes on, each holding a sign that says love your body. It is a true statement of self-worth.

Reject Diet Culture For Good And Reclaim Your Self-Worth

Many people are unaware of why diet culture is toxic and of its long-lasting adverse effects. The good news is that there is a better way and a non-diet path that leads away from the oppression of diet culture.

Light blue plate on a white background with the letters meal plan, shown at the top of an article for dinner meal planning for healthier eating.

Meal Planning: One Small Step for Dinner, One Giant Leap for Healthier Eating

Meal planning can be beneficial to your long-term health goals. But how do you make it simple enough that youā€™ll show up to do it every week?

An armful of garden vegetables, carrots, radishes, beets, and zucchini. Beginning gardening tips resulted in a big bounty.

Healthy Gardening for Absolute Beginners: Create Your Urban Vegetable Garden in a Weekend

Beginner garden tips for vegetables, herbs, and fruits. Use this guide to take you from soil to your kitchen table. Plan, prepare and grow a successful harvest.

Diverse group of adults outdoors preparing food for game day. Grilling, smiling and having drinks.

How To Win On Game Day With Healthy Tailgating

Don’t let the game mess up your health plan. From alcohol to healthy tailgating food, this article has you covered.

Make summer meals great with Healthy Grilling Recipes

Healthier BBQ, Burgers and Hot Dogs

BBQ defaults can make for very UNbalanced meals. So does that mean no more burgers and hot dogs?! Nah. Letā€™s look at ways to have our ā€˜burgs AND a healthy balance in our summer meals.

Finding the right portion size for what you need at each meal

How To Get Started with Hand Portion Sizes

Knowing what portion size is right for you is as important as what you eat. Maybe even more important. Size matters.