Health Choices – Myth Busting How Living Healthy Is Defined

Feel confident that the health choices you make, will make a DIFFERENCE

There's a lot of "experts" out there on what is healthy, but YOU are the expert on yourself, and we're mythbusting  that health choices are all or nothing. To be healthy is more than how you eat, what you look like, exercise and your cholesterol levels. It is about all the aspects of your life.

When health is only defined by what you eat and how you exercise, you are completely missing the scope of health in REAL LIFE.

When you're able to let go of your all-or-nothing mentality and discover you are able to make choices this very minute that will move your health forward.

Keep listening to be able to let go of your all or nothing mentality and discover that you are able to make choices this very minute that will move your health forward.

Topics we cover in this segent include:

  • Why Deep Health is important [reasons that have nothing to do with what you look like]
  • Are your goals unattainable?
  • What is real? [What does real life look like for you, what are real measures of progress, what are unrealistic expectation? . . .]
  • Most people are underrepresented in fitness imagery and in fitness communities.
  • How is fitness excluding people?
  • How can your health goals be more relevant to your life at this very moment?

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